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Which infantry regiment should i join

How to select what regiment to join in the British Army ...

Robert Perez|2 days ago
5/12/2019 · I joined on a Short-Service Commission in the very early 80s. Plan was to get the Army to pay for my university education. I wanted to join the Royal Tank Regiment as I thought it would be better than walking and wallowing in mud but was also open...

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Brian Baker|14 days ago
3/27/2011 · Hi, please help me as I'm really stuck between what regiment to join. I'm 18 catholic and from Suffolk. I think I have narrowed it down to The Life Guards, Foot Guards (Grenadier or Irish), or the Army Air Corps. Any other suggest are welcome as long as they are justified. Thanks.

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Paul Evans|4 days ago
Infantry is a military specialization that engages in military combat on foot, distinguished from cavalry, artillery, and tank forces. Also known as foot soldiers or infanteers, infantry traditionally relies on moving by foot between combats as well, but may also use mounts, military vehicles, or other transport.

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Robert Moore|6 days ago
8/4/2008 · Best Answer: If you want infantry, no better service than the army. They offer bigger bonuses and shorter tours. Aside from that, yes, you'll go wherever the fighting is almost 100% of the time. If you're second guessing yourself now, I say consider some of the other 150 plus jobs the Army has. They have ...

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Donald Moore|23 days ago
5/13/2019 · HELP What Regiment/Corps Should I Choose? Hello welcome to my channel, my name is Smudge i am a Sergeant within the Infantry and have served for 15 Years. I have served within countries like ...

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Jeff Taylor|7 days ago
I am interested in joining the 75th Ranger Regiment what steps should I take once I enlist in the Army? ... If I am a Infantry officer in the US army how long do I have to serve before trying out for the 75th Ranger regiment? ... Should I join the Army or Marines? I want to see combat and I have looked at what both can offer (Rangers, S.F ...

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Thomas Green|1 days ago
Which British infantry regiment you should join. This quiz is to determine what British infantry regiment you would be best in and to help you make up your mind if you are interested in the British infantry. This quiz is as accurate as I am capable of making it, if you are indecisive this is probably not the best quiz for you but if you have ...

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William Miller|7 days ago
Army Now Offering Recruits up to $40,000 to Join the Infantry. ... 75th Ranger Regiment and the Ranger Recruiting Liaison office participate in a 12-mile ruck march with trainees of infantry One ...

Army Now Offering Recruits up to $40,000 to Join the Infantry

Charles Walker|2 days ago
When at full strength, an infantry regiment normally comprised two field battalions of about 800 men each or 8–10 companies. In some armies, an independent regiment with fewer companies was labelled a demi-regiment. A cavalry regiment numbered 600 to 900 troopers, making up a single entity.

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Thomas Parker|28 days ago
3/24/2019 · Soldiers attached to the 1st Battalion, 143rd Infantry Regiment, Texas National Guard, perform an objective during the Joint Forcible Entry (JFE) exercise on Fort Worth, Texas, March 23, 2019.

442nd Infantry Regiment (United States) | Military Wiki ...

Brian Baker|20 days ago
Which branch of the armed forces should you join? ... Although part of the infantry regiments they are often seen as different as they are the only fully parachute capable regiment in the infantry. The tougher training makes a para an ideal candidate for special forces selection later …

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Jason Lewis|11 days ago
New Members Get Inducted into the 28th Infantry Regiment . Proud of all the #BlackLion #DMORs recently inducted at US Army Fort Benning! Task Force 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment formed on Black Lions Field at Fort Benning to celebrate 118 years of the Black Lions' legacy. The event foc...

143rd Infantry Regiment Joint Forcible Entry TX, UNITED ...

Robert Hill|3 days ago
10/13/2007 · If you want to be "elite", join a good infantry regiment, do well, and get into support company and play with recce platoon, or SF guns platoon, or mortar platoon or whatever floats your boat. Go into 1 Rifles and you can even do the all arms commando course if you want to walk around with the dagger.

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Brian Williams|14 days ago
Should you join the us army or us marine corps for infantry? That's a decision for you to make. It all depends on what you want out of it, perhaps where you want to be stationed, etc.

1st Battalion 28th Infantry Regiment "Black Lions", 6530 ...

William Moore|3 days ago
Soldiers from 2-77 Field Artillery Regiment and 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, honored the anniversay of the Battle of Suoi Tre, its Veterans and fallen Soldiers, March 21, 2019, during a memorial and dedication ceremony on …

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William Brown|5 days ago
6/25/2018 · The United States Army's 3rd Infantry Regiment, nicknamed