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Does a fleshlight feel like the real thing

Do Fleshlights feel like the real thing? - Quora

Kevin Evans|21 days ago
5/7/2018 · A friend of mine who has one says that if you warm it up properly, it feels very, very close to the real thing. He said that the difference is that a real vagina reacts to different thrusts and sensations, where the fleshlight does not react diffe...

How much does the Fleshlight feel like the "REAL THING ...

John Garcia|11 days ago
4/19/2010 · A friend of mine who has one says that if you warm it up properly, it feels very, very close to the real thing. He said that the difference is that a real vagina reacts to different thrusts and sensations, where the fleshlight does not react differently. As for the shipping, check their website.

Does the fleshlight feel like real pussy, poeple with ...

Jason White|10 days ago
2/19/2007 · Does the fleshlight feel like real pussy, poeple with experience Help 03-05-2006, 08:58 PM Hello, I'm 18 years old and I will be 19 next month, looking forward to have sex soon with my GF.

Flesh Lights Feel Like the Real Thing | Is It True? - YouTube

Joseph Carter|16 days ago
11/15/2015 · Subscribe today! http://www.youtube.com/user/alldefdigital?sub_confirmation=1 We've all heard and wondered if Flesh Lights really feel like the real thing. I...

What is it like to use a Fleshlight? - Quora

Ronald Lopez|25 days ago
4/10/2012 · I wish it was, but it's not like the real thing. I have the super-tight version -- one level tighter than the original Fleshlight. I was hoping it would be like the first time I had sex with a shy 22 year-old virgin Indian girl, but it was not. Af...

Does it feel like the real thing? - Fleshlight Forums

Charles Jones|1 days ago
4/5/2005 · Does it feel like the real thing? Id say its very close if you heat it up right, and get the right amount of lube, however their is no replacement for a real woman, the Fleshlight lacks allot of visual stimulation, a real woman has in most cases breasts that can be played with or bounced, legs wrapped around your upper legs feels nice, the grabbing of the flank to encourage harder thrusting is ...

The fleshlight sucks, and here's why. | IGN Boards

William Moore|19 days ago
8/11/2012 · You totally lose that with the fleshlight, and it doesn't feel close enough to the real thing to be worth giving that up. ... There are other models that feel just like the real thing. Mine keeps ...

Do fleshlights feel just like the real thing ...

Donald Adams|24 days ago
3/23/2010 · But the fleshlight is a great buy! It's one of the most realistic masturbation toys I've tried. I recommend it to anyone. It's worth the money. Just make sure you get two or three extra bottles of lube. ... it doesn't have to feel like the real thing, since 100% of the people buying them have never experienced a vag...it just has to feel better ...

does fleshlight feel like the feal thing? - PEGym

William Jones|10 days ago
9/4/2011 · I just received a fleshlight yesterday. One could pose the question does a real vagina feel like a fleshlight? Each has its unique feel. I will say this, the fleshlight feels better than several vaginas that I have experienced. Conversely, there are few vaginas that feel better than the fleshlight.

Do fleshlight feel like the real thing? : sex - reddit.com

Steven Lewis|2 days ago
8/10/2018 · They're pretty good, just a hassle to use. You have to use lube, then you have to clean it after use, then thoroughly dry it. It doesn't feel like the real thing (nothing really does), but it does feel really good and can get you off better than most products.

How close is a fleshlight to the real thing? : AskMen - reddit

James Brown|25 days ago
10/27/2013 · I've only tried two sex toys for guys but the tenga fliphole is quite good imo. It's nothing like the real thing but it feels good. But it's not something I use often. I feel my hands are better then most sex toys. Something I would like to try is a toy that makes it so I can just sit back and relax while it do all the work, like a blowjob.

Does a fleshlight feel like the real thing? [srs ...

Edward Evans|8 days ago
3/11/2011 · Hello guys, who here has a fleshlight? Does it really feel like a real vagina? And it it worth it? Does this thing ever get boring? I'm against sex before marriage but at the same time I don't know when and if I will ever get married and I'm curious how it feels so

Fleshlight Review - Is A Fleshlight Worth It? - YouTube

Kevin Harris|26 days ago
5/21/2017 · Hey Guys, check out my fleshlight review here, if you're wondering whether to buy a fleshlight or not, I answer all your questions in my fleshlight video review! Category People & Blogs

How realistic does the Fleshlight sex toy feel? | Yahoo ...

Mark Wilson|14 days ago
6/29/2011 · I would say its not going to be exact because its not a living being and if the inside of a vagina looked like the inside of a fleshlight the girl should worry. What i will say is they are the number 1 sex toy for guys, they are made using RealFeel Superskin, so they are made to feel like its real skin so in that sense it feels real.

Fleshlight deep-dive review - In Bed Magazine

John Collins|3 days ago
But does the Mini Lotus feel like “the real thing”? Just about anyone who has heard of the Fleshlight wants to know whether or not it feels like “the real thing”. We’re going to do an entire article addressing the matter, but since the Mini Lotus is touted as the most realistic Fleshlight in …

Does a fleshlight feel like a pussy? - GirlsAskGuys

William Scott|2 days ago
No. There are too many bodily sensations that a fleshlight simply cannot replicate. Now don't get me wrong, fleshlights feels way better then using your hands and I would definitely recommend any guy to purchase one for masturbation purposes, but do not buy one with the expectations that it'll feel exactly like the real thing.